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Non-technical Skills Training for Medical & Surgical Teams, Oil Platform Teams, Emergency Services Teams & the Military



Aviatica TRM was started by Mark Evers and Mark Smyth.  Both are highly experienced Airline Training Captains with a track record in teaching Non-Technical Skills also known as Team Resource Management (TRM) courses in a variety of industries.

Mark Smyth says: "A lot of airline pilots have tried to present Non-technical Skills courses to non-aviation industries.  Unfortunately, none of them carried out a Training Needs Assessment to find out what the team needed.  They used aviation jargon and bored the attendees with aviation stories.  At Aviatica TRM we tailor every course to the audience, so we address their individual need.  No aviation jargon and no stories that our attendees find hard to relate to.  We will not present a course unless it is tailored to you"

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